The lead up to Armistice Day this year had many ironies. I listened on radio to a 95-year-old war veteran who remembers guarding a German POW. The Canadian was hungry, but fortunately had a tin of food but no can opener. The German had one which he offered. So, with true Canadian manners, he accepted it but shared the food with the prisoner. A simple act of kindness in horrific times. He talked about the German and himself as part of a war where, ‘we were just doing our job.”

In the next 24 hours, I was woken at 1 am by my eldest son, wanting to assure me he was OK before I awoke to the news. He’d been 50m away from another terrorist attack in central Melbourne. A terrorist with a bomb, stabbing innocent people, injuring many and with two dead. This time, an insidious silent war, usually fueled by some zealous website with a total misinterpretation of a religious ethos.

Later, as I listened to children talk about peace at an Armistice Day ceremony, I wondered whether the next war will be instigated by the WWW. That’s not World War Where, but the Wide World Web.

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