A House is Not a Home

It’s quite surreal to drive past houses you lived in many years ago. You feel

detached and yet drawn to memories inside those buildings. A large trampoline

jutting above a back fence and the sound of a dog didn’t make me feel sad at all. I

felt glad that children lived there and hopefully were happy.

In the family home I had not seen for over 15 years, where my own kids grew up, they have cut down an enormous fir tree in the front yard. It was very old and probably its roots were causing foundation problems. But it wasn’t visual sights that caused nostalgia. At both houses, it was the smell and sound of the sea I could hear that tugged at my heart strings. My memory returned to long walks along the beach, watching sons

surf and playing with the dog on the sand. If you can walk away with positive

recollections, I believe you can move forward.

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