A Natural Lesson

Little did I know when I came here, that many qualities I’ve observed and lessons I’ve

learnt have come from animals and wild life. The loyalty of a dog, that lives outside in all temperatures, and yet is always friendly and welcoming. She doesn’t whinge about the weather.

The chick-a dee that shares its bird seed and actually hops across to let another bird in. The determination of a weasel that dragged a lump of meat 4 times its size down stairs. The camaraderie of ravens who call to other ravens when there’s a road kill.

The keen intelligence of a pine martin that outsmarts us by getting cow fat off tied rope, a pole and even a fixed nail. The gentleness of a heifer licking its calf after birth. A friend’s intriguing cats that walk along the edge of a large fish tank, putting their paws in the water to play, but never killing the fish.

The agility of a deer that missed my car one night by a wisp of an eyelash, lifting and swivelling its body; its was like watching a dancer pirouette.

Watching them has made this teacher become a student.

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