The idea of magic has so many connotations theses days that i try to keep an open mind. The card trick or rabbit out of a hat type of magic is entertaining but harmless. The more sophisticated style of disappearing objects, elevations of humans creates a different in- trigue. When we move into the mystical area; hypnosis and mediums that propose to converse with ghosts and spirits onthe‘otherside’ then magic needs to be handled with care. As a teacher, I observed the range of reactions when the phenomenon of Harry Potter occurred.

Parents who celebrated the fantasy of the literature and movies. And others who were skeptical of its hidden message of sorcery and wizardry overriding positive spiritual and religious beliefs. Lately i’ve watched the birth of calves and the news of a child being born and wonder if miracles and magic are connected. Then there is hap- penstance, the unexpected that happens without us really understanding why.

We either embrace it or deny its existence . Six years ago i was working and living in a coastal town on the other side of the earth. Yesterday, I stood in a windy forest helping log tress, drinking lemon tea by an open fire.

Love is the best magic of all.

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