Alone or Lonely

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

I heard on radio that a hotel in Belgium offers its solo guests companionship with a deal. Now, not the type you may be thinking! But a fish bowl for their room. Of course, this is an extra fee. So, for some, the late-night movie, computer games or scrawling through the internet no longer works for those who travel alone. But watching a living thing swim around in a glass bowl does?

I know when I’ve used hotels for professional conferences, or for holiday reasons, I just love to lie on a king size bed, listen to peaceful music, read a good book or just have the time to reflect and think. For years I’ve travelled on a tight budget and have stayed in backpacker hostels where I shared a room with 8 bunk beds and a common room and kitchen with over 20 people. Sometimes that worked well as you had interesting conversations with travellers from all over the world, who gave you advice about great tourist spots.

But even hostel clientele has changed. When I stayed in a hostel in Halifax a few years ago, I sat in a room full of travellers all with their heads in computers with earphones blocking out any discussion. Now what I look for in a hotel is an indoor swimming pool so I can do laps at midnight or early morning. I don’t need a goldfish to swim with me.

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