An Adult Friend

My eldest son rang me last night. Firstly, to thank me for a birthday present and to talk excitedly about state elections that have just been held in the state of Victoria, in Australia. He’s spent the past year renovating a kitchen himself after work and on weekends, so he saves on tradesman fees. And took a night job as well to pay for the new kitchen. So, I got him a present that was totally frivolous – a 2 hour virtual reality /laser experience not far from his home.

He needs some fun! It dawned on me as I listened to him discuss politics, family and work, that I was listening to a person that I knew well, but was learning so much more about them. Distance can sometimes make us remove the heart strings and develop some objectivity about family. I have to admire family who run a business together, or live in the same house once the children are adults.

When I was the age he is now, I had two kids under 3, had no car and was sleep deprived like most young parents. I can’t remember whether I had time to discuss politics or have fun!

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