Archival Adventure

There are benefits for being a cheapskate. The obvious being, you save money. But if

you scour the second-hand stores for magazines that may be 2/3rd of the price it was

originally, you come across print that can be from 2 months to 20 years old. When you

read print and view images that scan over two decades, a whole perspective of a country’s society is reflected. A 1998 article about a famous Canadian singer on where she was headed personally and professionally in the next 10 years was interesting. Then I found a 2017 article about this star and saw whether those dreams had been achieved.

Sadly, many had not. The obsession with royalty still reigns, so to speak. To see the Queen, wear the same coat a decade apart was heartening. Good on you Liz - showing Great Britain frugality. Especially in these Brit Exit times. Is there much difference between beauty products and fashion between 2008 and 2018? Its like a regurgitated cycle. If anything has changed, it’s journalistic semantics and prose. To pick up a 1968 article about Pierre Trudeau and family and compare it with a recent observation of the present prime minister in a well known current affairs publication; well, that’s another story altogether.

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