Recently I’ve seen two children go through change. One toddler I had not seen swim for quite a long time.

Two years ago, I had watched her swim tentatively with family support. Two summers later, she is paddling, diving under and swimming like a sea lion. The determination in her eyes to swim a distance unaided and to keep going is amazing. The other child, is no longer a child.

Within weeks of seeing her after a family holiday, she has grown into a lithe tall adolescent whose eyes meet mine now head on. I’m the one shrinking. Both kids get all the love and support they need. They’re nurtured and reassured.

So why is it, when an adult desires change: a move, a job, a lifestyle, beating an addiction, shedding weight, establishing different friends etc., we can be wary and cynical of this change? Does their transformation threaten the stagnancy of our own lives? Lately, I’ve heard conversations with people who have come to crossroads, desire change, but are concerned at others’ reactions.

When I made a decision to move to another hemisphere, I had so many people say, “You’re crazy, what are doing that for at your age?” Last year, I overheard an Australian neighbour say derisively to another neighbour - “She’ll be back- this wont last.”

My journey was and still is a challenging and at times a lonely one. I’m so fortunate I have family and friends who encourage me to keep treading water and walk tall.

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