Daylight.....Saving What?

Something about fiddling with nature irks me. When I worked full time, I loved Daylight Saving. It gave me a chance, post work, to walk along a beach safely at 10pm.But light tricks you, especially if you rise early and convince yourself you can achieve so much because you’ve got all these daylight hours. You can become hyperactive and not give yourself much ‘down time’. Darkness seems to quieten us.

Ruth Ostrow, in her book, The Gift’ talks about darkness being, “The long shadowy night of the soul”. I’ve been trying to convince chickens its time to rest in their coop while the sun shines brightly on them at 9pm! A look of disgust on their beaks as I herd them in. “C’mon girls,” I cry, “I need some R & R!”.

Our young rooster hasn’t yet found his call. I can only imag- ine what will happen once he does. Will he be confused and crow till dusk? Hopefully, he’ll lose his voice.

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