Emptying the Pockets

There’s a lot to be said about emptying your jean pockets at the end of the day. Phones, wallets reminder notes, receipts, tissues and the odd nail or screw. When I was a young mother, and was substitute teaching infrequently, I was looking for a pen and pulled out of my pockets a baby’s soother and a diaper pin. Although embarrassed, the students just laughed.

So recently while someone emptied onto a table, loose change and sawdust, I was struck with the symbolism of both items. From a large strong tree that has stood rigid for so long, what is left is dust that just blows away. And for all the sweat and hard work it takes to fell that tree, what is left are dimes and loonies.

So impermanent and easily spent. The death of one creates fire and warmth as we sit and enjoy a drink at the end of a day.

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