Finding the Right Home

In summer I planted seedlings of two eucalypt shrubs. Surprised to see them sold here, the smell took me back to my roots, (pardon the pun). They thrived in the norther hemisphere summer, growing tall amongst the herb garden. I traced them to a nursery in Petersville, owned by an Australian who has lived here for over 20 years. How would they survive a Manitoban winter? They wont he said.

So being optimistic, I dug them out this Fall, and transferred them to large pots. They sat in the porch for 3 weeks while I procrastinated. But this recent cold spell exacerbated the situation. Their beautiful pale mauve-green foliage curling up, crying out, ‘get me outta here!’ I wonder how they’ll survive with wood heat. Three pots are up in the loft looking down on the snow. They’re warm, watered and hopefully a pot belly stove can mimic Aussie heat.

The fourth is by the front window, with a view of deer eating the remnants of a vegetable garden. No kangaroos here, mate!

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