Global Roaming

Catching up with young men and women who grew up with my sons, has been a

real eye opener. These kids who, after a surf, would sit in our courtyard, eat me

out of house and home, and play the most mind-numbing music. Later, when they could drive, I’d make them give me their car keys, and monitor the alcohol intake.

Now, they’re all grown up and leading lives that place them all over the world. The Chinese/Australian girl, a skilled snow boarder, who lives in Japan and runs a Mexican restaurant.

You can’t get more global than that. The kid who could never sit still and now is a personal trainer to the wealthy but overweight executives. The local surfer with amazing balance who now works up on huge high-rise towers, building massive rooves. Another, trained as a naturopath and now is this serene Madonna, passionate about alternative health. Many have done work experience stints in Banff and Whistler. One who has brought back a Quebec girl friend and will settle in Australia. And the troubled kid, who spent his early 20s in institutions with serious mental issues, now happy and confident. We could say the world is their oyster. And yet there is still sandy grit in that shell, which I know they’ll maneuvre for the rest of their lives.

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