If Only....

When I tell someone my story, how I sold everything I owned, left job and family,

travelled over six thousand KMs to come and live on a property that is rustic and off the grid, I’m usually told I must be brave, fearless and/or crazy. But my first reaction is to ask the question, how could I not come?

The act of staying and not changing my life holds much more fear. Because you are then left with the ‘what ifs’, ‘I wonder’ and the ‘if only’ that would haunt you endlessly.

I’ve been reading about courageous people who are driven by the need to attempt some feat which many of us would find insurmountable.

I’m a swimmer who loves the water, so the story of Diana Nyad who in 2014 was 64, became the first person to swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida (110 miles, 53 hours) without a shark cage. It was her fourth attempt to achieve the swim. When she made it to shore, she declared, “You’re never too old to chase your dreams.” With so much turmoil and violence in the world right now, living within safe boundaries and not venturing into the world sounds more secure. However, some of us toss up the coin to decide whether to choose security over love or hope or dreams.

Then, we must deal with how it lands. But at least we’ve flipped the coin.

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