In Our Own Backyard

Australia’s recent political unrest for the challenged position of prime minister, doesn’t fascinate me due to the individuals involved, but what issue drove this latest turmoil; climate change/global warming.

The past decade has seen an abundance of information on this subject, and polarized peoples’ beliefs. While scientists and ecologists present dire warnings through research data and media present drastic images of eroded farm land, evaporated waterways, melting ice shelfs etc., governments struggle to decide on carbon taxes, environmental policies and long-term strategies for a planet that is seeing, at the moment, cataclysmic weather patterns; from earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, massive fires, hurricanes and locally, tornados.

I hear people questioning this issue in context of cyclical El Nino weather patterns. If you’ve farmed for a long time, you’d be experienced in meteorological changes. I’ve seen in one farm house, last year’s calendar along side the current one, so that daily changes can be compared. Is this latest lack of rain a sign for long term changes to agriculture or do we just let nature takes its course?

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