Keenly Conscious

When we feel hungry or thirsty, we tend to go through a thought process of what will fulfill this physical need. But when do we ever think what will make us happy?

It seems people take for granted this state of mind. That it will just happen. Even the Americans have the pursuit of happiness in their declaration of independence. The new car, job or even a change of place are intransient.

Do we discriminate between what we want and what we need? I’m not as accustomed to these shorter days with less light. So, sleeping in late can leave me with very little active time and then I’m looking down the barrel of a setting sun.

Rising earlier, even with the cold is my 2018 resolution. Getting a dog that I need to train, walk, play and care for certainly might also help the self absorption. I grew up in a time when the common parental reaction was, “Get over it! You can’t be happy all the time”. Or their other mantra was, “offer it up for the souls in purgatory.”

Now, our societies are keenly conscious of mental health issues in our young people. Of course, life throws us curve balls we must deal with. But we can control how we feel, and look forward to what every new day can bring.

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