Leisurely Loft

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

When you live in a cabin with a loft that rises into a cavernous roofline, it doesn’t take long to work out that your lifestyle changes for many reasons. One, its always warm up there as hot air rises. Two, your view from an attic window is at tree top line so the sky at night is wonderful. The sound of a fire crackling as you snuggle up in bed is my kind of bliss. It’s whether the pros outweigh the cons. You certainly don’t want to be too sleepy or inebriated when tip toeing down the stairs late at night.

The mosquitos in summer love to feed on you in the attic heat. And trying to sleep while men down- stairs discuss the problems with tractors, crankshafts, sparkplugs and carburetors is not always easy. But the biggest issue is trying to be lazy. The luxury of a morning snooze or an extra coffee in bed while you read is excruciating when the other inhabitant is busy as a bee doing chores. Even ear plugs don’t work.

You can’t hide or ignore a man on a mission. Here, there are no doors or walls that can shut off the sounds below you. Of course, its your problem, as the person working doesn’t care. They’re too busy. Guilt seeps into your skin. You try and alleviate this by offering assistance. But it only makes you feel worse when the person says, “Oh! You’re awake.” Once you face the day and crank up the old bones, you forget about being idle and get on with life.

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