Letting Go

We’ve all noticed the number of books now being written about uncluttering our lives;

organizing our homes, placing family belongings into compartments. T.V. shows with cleaning gurus, who ‘save’ some poor shmuck from their hoarding clutter. Now, I like some order. It drives me crazy to waste time looking for car keys.

Yet, what’s it all about?

Global problems; terrorism, stock market crashes, Britexit, refugee crisis have all escalated. We have no power or influence over these world events, so we feel the need to control our own space and lives. But, why do feel safe if we colour code our socks or label all kitchen goods?

That if our desks become messy because we are actually working, there is some flaw in our personality. At both ends of the spectrum, philosophers and economists agree that the chaos theory exists.

We can plan and organize our day to the second, but then something happens we can’t control or regulate. For people who go with the flow and just see what the day brings, they may not be too organized. But I bet their stress levels are less.

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