Letting Go

“Don’t it always seem to go, that we don’t know what we’ve got till its gone.”

(Joni Mitchell)

Extreme heat, bush fires and no rain. I had to think hard these past 2 weeks about which country I was residing in. That smell of smoke brought back such memories of the terrible devastation of fire. Google ‘Ash Wednesday bush fires’ and you’ll see what I mean. In an evening sky filled with smoke and the sound of planes and helicopters overhead, I rushed around packing a car for evacuation purposes.

It is a weird sensation to prioritize your life in less that half an hour. But mentally, a very constructive task. Less that 3 years ago, I did this with a whole house and reduced it to 6 tea chest boxes that were shipped to me. I looked at the guitar, ukulele and djembe drum and realized they can be bought again. Like all belongings, they have brought me great joy, but other things take precedence.

Later, discussing the evacuation with a local, he said he would only pick up his wallet and leave. I looked around his garage and all the things he could lose and thought, now that’s a great attitude.

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