Listening to Wolfgang

We’ve all heard the stories about the effects music can have on our emotional state. Whether it be for relaxation, meditation, physical fitness or the background music to a movie. When I get frantic or worried about something, I put on Mozart to calm me down. It is the order, repetitive sections, the ‘answering’ of instruments to each other that helps my mind find space and stability. As though the symmetry of his work sends a message to my brain.

The violins begin a main theme, the violas repeat it in another key, while cellos do a variation of the theme and the double bass plays a deep low chord. The irony of Mozart’s creative brilliance, is he was a troubled soul, with fluctuating moods and what we would call today, narcissistic syndrome. Its as though his subcon- scious craved the routine and order of his own compositions. It surprises me how many adults I’ve met here who have never listened to classical music.

Maybe they use Country and Western music, with its 2 or 3 chords and the regularity of the verse/chorus/verse to make them feel relaxed. But most classical music has no lyrics to take your thoughts away from the actual instruments.

I don’t need to listen to how someone has a broken heart or he’s cheated on her, or that girl at the bar won’t speak to him or she’s run away and taken the kids.

No sob stories, just pure sound.

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