Make Hay While the Sun Shines

I’m no sociologist, but now that I am experiencing my third summer in Manitoba, I’ve noticed a difference in people during the warmer months. It seems its not only bears that hibernate during winter and wake up hungry and frisky.

Of course, I’m accustomed to much hotter temperatures, so when I’m asked to put on car air conditioning because ‘its boiling in here!’, and its 28 degrees, I smile wryly- try 42 degrees for a whole week- that’s when you get out the straight jackets.

There’s something about folk coming to their cabins and letting go; relaxed with a capital R. Speech, clothes and routines fall by the wayside. Like a stranger I’d just met, who looked at me shocked and exclaimed, “Take off that T- shirt! You must be so hot!” Well no I wasn’t, as 28 degrees is a pleasant day for me. And luckily, I had bathers underneath. Or the couple who stopped me while on a beach walk and asked the time as they hadn’t had breakfast and wondered why they were so hungry - it was 3 pm.

Some seasonal cabin dwellers probably have no idea what’s going on not far from them; farmers haying, bailers breaking down or a haybine blowing up, locals losing their home to fire, storms causing flooding. Yeah, its really fun and games down here on the Interlake.

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