Monty Python on the Loud Speaker

How will future generations study and interpret the recent obsession of T.V. reality shows? What social or psychological study will they take from this phenomenon?

Why do people want to watch:

• Drug busts on city streets by police or at customs in airports? • Neurotic New Jersey or Beverly Hills housewives with more money than sense? • People who bid for storage units full of junk? • Bachelors who decide who they will marry after knowing contestants for 8 weeks?

• Match makers who try and marry off only rich men for their money? • Hospital emergency wards, where people are at their most vulnerable? • Veterinary clinics where animals are brought in lame, sick or abused?

The voyeuristic, depressing, and sometimes violent nature of these shows are programmed at night, for obvious age rating reasons. But that’s just before most of us go to bed. So, are these our last images before sleep?

Maybe we should get RM offices to broadcast on loud speakers over towns the song, “Always look on the bright side of life”?

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