One Man's Journey is Another Man's.....

Trying to control nature is like leading a camel through the eye of needle. However, dams, dykes and levies are fine examples of human intervention with the environment. But hoping rain won’t occur before you’ve finished bailing? Well, that’s another matter. Not enough, thin, poor quality, green, soggy or mouldy bales seem to be the running conversations at the moment. The cavaliere attitude of ‘c’est la vie’ is possibly not regarded as good farm management. But it might relieve the stress.

So, when I told a local farmer that I was dancing with joy when it rained recently and that my vegetable garden has been saved, the look in his eyes of bitter derision made me keep my mouth shut for once. Maybe the next time we meet, I’ll discuss literature, politics or the latest Blue Bombers and Goldeyes’ scores.

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