Her name was Kayla, his was Ron. Father and daughter having quality time, I assume. The guy opposite in the suit was Kale. The only name I didn’t know was the dog sleeping under Ron’s table. I haven’t become a mind reader. Just sitting in a well-known coffee chain in Vancouver where customers’ names are blazoned in black marker on their cups.

If I couldn’t see it, I’d have heard their identity being called out when their coffee was ready. It may be a little thing, but we are all aware of the erosion of privacy over the past 2 decades. When I turn on my computer, it greets me and even gives me a new screen image to look at, even asking me do I approve. How did it get into my computer? Big brother is out there.

The question being, is he paternal, interfering or down right sinister? When I rented a car recently in Australia, I was told my ability to rent the car was approved. Within minutes of ringing them, they’d already done a credit rating on me. The recent USA government inquiry into a social media site and its alleged trading of member’s private information was an interesting exercise. The famous founder of that site, was at least honest when asked critical questions about people’s privacy.

He didn’t have all the answers.

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