Right On Your Doorstep

many of us see winter as a time to stay close to home. When we think of travelling to cities and towns for entertainment, we might think twice of getting out on highways.

People’s computers and TVs become very handy during these months. and yet, when musicians come to us in someone’s home, i am surprised how few locals take up this wonderful opportunity. specifically, i am thinking of the home routes concerts that have been available in 2017 and now in this new year by the Cameron family who live just out of the township of Ashern.

Not long before Christmas, i had a wonderful night in Scott Cameron’s basement listening to a fantastic Blues musician who not only played a range of instruments but had great repartee with the audience on the history of his music. This family event had such a wonderful relaxed ambience where locals could enjoy refreshments and kick back. and i was only 15 minutes from home.

In this age of computerization where anything can be recorded and watched later, why not turn off the TV and come out and see high class musicians right on your doorstep.

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