Sacred Place

Ironic to think you fly to a different hemisphere to find fauna that belongs on the

other side of the world. But what an amazing sight. A few days ago, while walking through the Otway forest in eastern Victoria in Australia, we were told about the Californian Redwood forest.

Planted in 1932, with thepurpose to eventually be lumber, they were never cut down. So here stand 100 mighty trees planted very close together near a running stream with ferns and Eucalypt trees.

The size and width of them were tremendous. As Redwoods are known to live for

over 300 years, this forest is reasonably young. Because of their height and being

planted very close together, it was like walking into a dark hushed cathedral, with

lightly crushed foliage below you as almost nothing grows below the forest. So still

and silent, we felt like tip toeing through them. We later found a redwood in a

botanical garden that was planted in 1872. It was a privilege to be among them.

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