Star Power

You’d think at my age, I’d have enough maturity, not be so star struck. But last public holiday, while standing at the lights in Winnipeg, near the Fort Garry hotel, the actor Christopher Walkin was waiting at the lights with me. Casually dressed in tracksuit and runners, he could have been any joe just waiting for green. My husband noticed him too, and we stood there rivetted to the ground. He was so close, that I just looked down at the pavement so that I didn’t start to babble on like some crazy love-sick teenager for a rock star.

When the lights changed, we stood there dumb founded and by the time we were released from the shock, the lights turned red again! The excitement mounted when he entered the same restaurant we were going to as well. We had the good sense to leave the man to a quiet meal. But, as movie buffs, we enjoyed a great supper conversation trying to think of our favourite films with this actor.

I was flooded with fond memories as a 12-year-old, looking in a shop window in Melbourne, when I noticed a man dressed so differently from other Australians. The cut of his pants and his trench coat looked so classy and elegant. As a music student, this time I had a conversation with the famous composer Burt Bacharach and went home on cloud nine.

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