Stumped by a Satellite

If you’ve seen the older movie, “Wag the Dog’ with Dustin Hoffman, you’ll know how truth can be fabricated and how society believes its genuine. WWW and the thousands of sites which fall under the “info-tech’ umbrella, are very seductive. How many times have I heard someone proclaim some fact, to be told their source was some internet site. Oh, so it must be true.

Have we forgotten to trust our own intellect and instinct? Like today, when my GPS told me to take highway six to a destination. When I overruled it, and took another route, the GPS voice kept telling me to go back. So, I reversed and followed the voice.

On the return trip to Ashern, I trusted my instinct and followed some back roads, keeping a compass in my head. I took thirty minutes and sixty KM off this trip.

Will the GPS pay for the extra gas?

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