Sweet Nothings

Normally, I’m a person who looks to the future, with a ‘get over it, move on’ mentality. but lately I’ve been missing things that have changed our social structure. And I’m tired of apologizing for reminiscing about things in our lives that really did make our quality of life happier and relaxed.

I miss the old phone; heavy black bakelite that would sit in one spot, preferably near a window. It forced you to stay in one spot, so you had precious time to listen to a voice, with no other distractions. the ordered rhythm of a ringtone with perfectly timed silences, that gave you time to ponder.

I’d sometimes imagine the soft curve of the handset on a caller’s face. now, the blast of some song blares at you, a gabble of techno noise or buzzing thighs. They echo in train tunnels or muffle in supermarkets, competing with price screaming voices. I’ve to get their attention, while that adult is totally absorbed in texting someone. Yesterday, I paid a hefty phone bill, because I didn’t turn off my ‘Global roaming’ while I was back in Australia for a son’s wedding. I don’t need to roam, just sit.

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