Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Over the past 3 years, I’m so accustomed to being introduced to northern hemisphere animals, asking questions about them and taking photos of these creatures, that it was interesting for the shoe to be on the other foot. At this wild life sanctuary for Australian indigenous animals, I watched my Canadian mate marvel at the platypus, koala and echidna, watch raptor birds soar into eucalypt trees and feed a kangaroo.

The animal was hungry and kept hopping closer as the kanuk tentatively put his hand out with leaves and carrot pieces. Soon he started to stroke the animal and pat it. As an experienced hunter and bush man, his intuition to stay calm and take things slowly soon kicked in, while a tourist group of small Japanese children giggled and screamed excitedly close by. The sweet doleful eyes of his kangaroo looked relieved they’d got the Canadian to feed them.

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