Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Who would have thought 5 years ago that I would be so excited to find a canning

lid wand for canning purposes? Now, I’ve slowly got the whole canning kaboodle

due to kind friends, auction sales and hardware stores. In Australia, I’d make jam


But the ‘squirrel’ mentality of storing things away for a rainy (or

snowy) day is a skill I’m still learning. I remember one kind local who helped me

make pickles, which I’d totally messed up. She showed me her basement; a wall

of every conceivable vegetable and fruit canning and massive freezers of butchered

meat. In case of some nuclear disaster, that family would be OK for 5 years.

Now I lie awake thinking how I can change canning recipes, when not so long-ago, I’d have restless nights of how to write a subtle and sensitive school report for a child with 2 left feet. You can’t can kids and put a lid on them!

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