The Art of Shopping

It’s been a long time since I shopped at a huge shopping complex. I can appreciate

that everything is under one roof. That you’re protected by weather and the convenience of being in one spot can be attractive to shoppers, but there is something about the lighting, noise, heat and sound which I know as Muzac, that drives me crazy and sends me back to my car within an hour.

I can’t just walk around browsing at every shop. Find something, get in, get out! So, you have this inane music which is played too loud as you walk around. Then, as you go into specific shops, you have a barrage of either heavy thumping noise or bland semi classical music which either makes you sleepy or nauseated. Is that its aim? Lulls you into a stupor so you’ll open your wallet? The heating is much too hot so I’m carrying coat, toque and bags, which means I’m bound to lose one thing, which turned out to be my gloves.

How does the word ‘Park’ get assigned to such a complex? There’s not a tree in sight. Maybe that’s because you have miles and miles of parking space at your convenience. When I stop for a coffee, I sympathize with the tired crying child next to me who just wants to go home and sleep. I’m with you kid!

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