The Ears Have It

I have to thank sport for having T.V in our family home. In 1956, the Summer Olympics was in Melbourne, and my dad rented a T.V. for the game’s duration. Too young to remember the event, my siblings told me, every neighbour crammed into our small lounge room to marvel at this new contraption. Now that I don’t have T.V., I’ve begun to notice how more relaxed I am when I hear news, rather than see it. The anxiety and stress of watching wars, bombings, children with horrendous wounds, disturbing politicians, car crashes, environmental disasters globally, doesn’t help us begin the day positively.

Of course, we have the choice to change channels or turn it off. But we don’t. I’ve noticed how many TVs are left on all day in homes, like some background noise. A radio news- reader tends to modulate their voice when reading something serious, but it doesn’t have the same affect as the hype of sensational journalism that we see as some news channels. CFL football is new to me and watching it on TV confuses me more. But, listening to a game on radio, I’ve begun to understand how it works. My mind has to concentrate, listening to a sports announcer explain a particular play.

Even more enjoyable when the Blue Bombers win.

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