The Essence of Employment

My mother incessantly hammered home to her family, ‘a thing doing, is worth doing well’. We’d roll our eyes and ignore her. Amazing how things stick! In the past two years, I’ve gone from full time work with long hours to being unable to work due to my visa status. Its been a humbling experience.

Also, I’ve now had the opportunity to experience the difference between a sedentary cerebral job to doing physical manual work. I sleep well after physical labour and don’t bring home the worries of my other occupation. This hiatus has given me the opportunity to explore different options and volunteer in areas I never had the time to offer. It’s made me challenge the idea that menial jobs have no worth.

How many times are we introduced to someone and the question after your name is, “And what do you do for a living?” As though your career is your identity and not who you are as a human being. In my lifetime, I have seen many factory/blue collar work go offshore to Asia, leaving many Australians without work and on welfare. Research has shown their self worth and depression are signs of this change.

Whatever the job, there is dignity in work. This morning, I sat and darned holes in socks for a few hours, knowing they were expensive woolen socks that still could be used. Mom would be pleased.

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