The Fixer

Some people, love to solve problems. Whether it’s a small thing, like a screw missing on reading glasses, to a lawsuit worth thousands of dollars. They want to tell you the quickest way to get to a destination, the best café for good coffee or a recommendation for a lovely walk. They have this personality trait that allows them to believe that any- thing is possible. You either embrace their help or be suspicious of it, which could say a lot about yourself.

The systems, controls and red tape that can consume our lives is not seen as an obstacle by them. More, a challenge they will overcome. When a national phone provider and an info-tech company had no idea how to unlock a phone that was turned off a month ago, the fixer got on-line and worked out a code to open commu- nication again within minutes.

We could all believe its mainly their keen and astute brain. that solves these problems. But we’d be forgetting the power of positive thinking and how the fixer empowers us all if we let them.

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