The Journey Within

Sometimes, I wish I’d never travelled. Because the by-products of this can be itchy feet and wanderlust. Obstacles like money, family commitments and everyday life are really not the issue. It’s listening to your inner self and asking, why do you need to journey?

What will you get from travelling thousands of miles that you can’t get in your own back yard? A good long drive in the countryside usually helps me. The beauty of the Prairies, its vegetation, its animals, domestic and wild. And just stopping somewhere and taking in the scenery is good medicine.

The American author, Alice Walker said, “The most foreign country is within. We are our own dark continent. We are our own savage frontier.” Recently someone told me of their first journey out of Manitoba and the anxiousness and excitement that goes with that.

I remember in the 1970s, flying from Delhi, India to Katmandu in Nepal on a precarious small aircraft, with the mountains of Annapurna and Everest out my plane window, watching men herding goats off the tarmac as we landed in this city high above the world. I’m sure Katmandu airport is much more sophisticated now. What a pity!

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