The Meeting of Two Minds

The saying, don’t assume anything, should become my motto. The encounter between two men had me running for cover. Their only similarities, or so I thought, was they were the same age. One, a devout church goer, the other an agnostic. Brought up in different countries, with different careers, education, lifestyles and possibly political beliefs. Even their football codes were poles apart.

Chalk and cheese did enter my head. But we forget that most human beings are sociable, mostly amiable, and will try and find common ground when meeting for the first time. In this case it was the stars. Not the Hollywood kind, but the study of cosmology and outer space.

Their interest and ongoing pursuit of knowledge in this area definitely linked them. And, because they were from different hemispheres, the night sky became a lengthy discussion in comparative constellations.

I left them to it.

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