The Other Life

As an expat from the Southern hemisphere, that ‘other life’ usually coasts along inside your head quite calmly. But occasionally, it knocks on the door and jolts your reality. It’s how you open the door and deal with it, that’s the key. Lately the door seems to be banging very loudly. You want to say,’ Go away! I’m 1000s of miles away.’

And yet, technology allows for instant communication. When the phone rings at 1 am. Or an email demands your immediate attention. A family member goes missing for 4 days. A mice plague disturbs the tenant in your house. A son rights off the car you’ve given him and its still registered in your name. You can ignore this emotional pull. Tell them it's Spring here. You’ve got yard work to do, seedlings to cultivate, you’re waiting for rain. You’re cheering on the Jets right now. It doesn’t work.

You take a deep breath and deal with them one by one. Do they want to know about your problems? Oh no! You’re too far away. Funny that!

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