The Tolerance of Travel

Updated: Jan 21, 2018

Over the years, spending income on travel has certainly not placed me in the top wealth

bracket. Although, I’ve mainly travelled as a backpacker, using hostels and camping. Luxury resorts have never been my thing. And yet, I’ve seen such incredible sights and encountered amazing people, that I count myself rich with memories.

In my early 20s, I trekked in Nepal. is a fond memory. I stayed in the town of Pokhara, close to its deep dark lake, with Mt. Everest just beyond its horizon. Here I stayed with Kali’s family. Kali was quite the entrepreneur, meeting the Katmandu bus and inviting, for a low cost, trekkers to stay in his family’s compound. Kali talked of his older sister who lived in the hills.

Married off at a young age, she was being banished from her hus- band’s family as she was thought to be barren. On a crisp cold but sunny morning, I crouched by a fire, watching the sister arrive back to her family. She was stunning, with jet black hair to her waist. Unable to speak English like her brother, we smiled, mimed and giggled our way through communication. She pointed to my very cheap pearl earrings, and I was happy to exchange these for a beautiful brass hair clip she took from her hair.

I still have it in my jewellery box, and sometimes wonder where she is now.

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