Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

It’s hard to listen or watch the news these days. On a day when I heard Canada’s new Governor General’s speech about global unity and inclusiveness, I also listened to the violent and horrific news from Los Angeles and Edmonton.

A close musician friend had just flown out of Nashville a week ago after the Americana festival on her way home to Australia. I’d text her hoping she was safe. Then listened to musicians on radio, although appalled by the deaths, trying to discuss how their own careers will be in jeopardy if people are too scared to attend large audience concerts. The Governor General, a retired astronaut, stressed how, at space stations millions of miles from earth, where astrophysicists and astronauts are from many nations, there is harmony. They work together without any of the political opposition and rivalry they see on our planet. Out of great tragedy and adversity, people can respond with amazing courage and generosity.

Like the many L.A. drivers that drove by and picked up wounded, taking them to hospitals or designated safe places. It’s been said that when archeologists first discovered the ruins of Pompeii, where everything was smothered with volcanic ash from Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD, they found skeletons crouched, with arms covering, protecting something. And under those arms was another human being. You might have heard on the soundtrack of ‘The Hunger Games’ a song by the Secret Sisters titled, ‘Tomorrow will be kinder’. It’s worth a liste: CLICK HERE TO HEAR IT.

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