Valentine Equation: MB Love = Minus 0

While the Arctic winter comes and goes, I’m getting regular calls from a son who loves to compare the differences in temperatures. The other night we had a difference of 64 degrees Celsius between us. As Australia Day has just been in 39-40 + degrees, I keep thinking of the tennis players at the Australian Open. Recently when it hit 44+ degrees, some airports had cancelled flights due to heat of tarmac on airline tires. This is the season of beaches and coastal towns making a profit.

But anything over 40 degrees and its too dangerous to take children to the sea. Its lucky that school is out or students would be class bound. Of course, nowadays, most schools are fully air conditioned. But when I first started teaching, I worked in an uninsulated portable classroom with only a ceiling fan blowing hot air around. In the afternoons, you either kept them busy to distract them from the heat or let them lie around with cold wet face cloths on their head, while you read stories as the sweat dripped off your glasses. But here’s the difference in extreme temperatures. In the cold, you can cozy up and sleep warm. In heat, air conditioners on all night are hugely expensive, so usually people and children have restless sleep and wake fractious.

A classroom of tired hot young kids is real fun!

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