Warnings of a Different Kind

I’m so accustomed to being alert for bushfires, that all the recent media coverage of spring flooding risks in MB is new to me. Water is such a precious commodity in Australia that too much is strange.

With the latest warmer weather and snow dripping off the roof, i’ve been collecting it in buckets for washing. This may sound odd, but that’s a way of life in drought countries.

When i was there in January 2016, bushfires straddled the Otway forest only three hours from my house. Part of the Otway forest faces the Pacific ocean, and yet this water could not be accessed. A

ten-year drought in Queensland, which decimated farming, ended with massive flooding in December of 2010. soil, so hard and impervious, couldn’t absorb the amount of rain.

The capital city of Brisbane unfortunately caught the huge overflow of flooded rivers. When i came to Canada in 2012, I listened in a staffroom to people talk about the destruction of their lakeside cabins due to the Manitoba floods.

Lets hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

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