The 3 W's - Weather, Watching & Waiting

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

I heard the comedian John Steinberg humorously explain that when God made the earth, he realized that his greatest accomplishment was Canada. But then there was a catch. He bestowed on it, winter!

Since living here, I’ve often wondered if Shakespeare wrote his famous words about winter and discontent, right here in MB. This lion and lamb idea still has me baffled and I noticed that my bare arms are the whitest they’ve been in twenty years. I long for warmth on my shoulders and to hear the sound of running water in the ditches. I drove out to Watchorn provincial park recently. I’ve lived here long enough to remember swimming late at night in the lake, it was so hot.

Now I’m asking myself, did that really happen or was I dreaming it? My flip flops tell me otherwise. I can still see sand on them. Or was that left over from OZ?

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