What Are the Odds?

There’s something about events being unpredictable. We either scorn or embrace it. Like a family that has a boy after the birth of 6 girls. Or the bear that lies on the bonnet of your car, stretching lazily as though sunbaking.

Meteorologists love to predict weather down to the last hour, especially for farming communities or those who are in tornado areas. So, what are the odds that after four Fridays (since Friday 13th by the way), the Lundar Legion’s Chase the Ace has come down to 2 cards. Or that the publisher of this paper has a real dragon. It’s what I love about nature.

You go for a walk through the bush and find your path is blocked by a tree. When did it fall? Or a deer with fawns jumps out, looks at you as if to say, ‘what are you doing in my home?’ Yes, I’m the interloper Madame Doe, do you mind if I take a stroll through your beautiful garden? So, you can sleep out in below 0 degrees at the legion building, for the chance of a ticket inside. But will that make you turn over the ace?

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