Where Do We Go From Here?

Many moons ago, I did a rural teaching experience of 6 weeks while still at university. Apart from weather, you would see the similarities of the town of Minyip with Interlake towns.

Part of a rural area called the Wimmera; its dry flat land is a sheep and wheat belt of the state of Victoria. The only difference would be the town architecture, its main street buildings are from the English Victoriana period.

The heat ripples across the farm land with intensity. Cleared by English settlers, it suffers from soil erosion due to lack of vegetation and serious droughts. Its community has gone through the inevitable closure of banks, medical, pharmacy and agriculture industry, which means locals travel many miles for business and medical needs. At least the Minyip pub is still there.

It says a lot about Australians, that the last enterprise to ever close anywhere is the pub! When I walk along the streets of towns along Highway 6 and see buildings empty, it reminds of that time. And hope that new and existing councillors for the RMs will bring and be open to, fresh ideas for this rural region.

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