The latest National Geographic Magazine’s headline article is on sleep. As I recover from jetlag and consider healthy sleep patterns, it is interesting to read about the lack of sleep that is occurring in our society. And the research being done to look at the obstacles that we place before us that affect our sleep. In particular, I’ve observed over the past 20 years, the difference in bed times for young children and how they behave at school. When students as young as 5, tell you about a T.V. program they watched and you realize it was on at 10pm, I wonder what has happened to the bath/book/bed routine I had for my own kids.

Research shows that we are sleeping at least 2 hours less than the last generation. That specific health issues; obesity, stress, depression, immune problems can contribute to lack of sleep. An image of a child in bed with their iPad’s blue light in their face says it all in the magazine. Hearing locals tell me that they can’t go to sleep unless the T.V. is on,

reflects the statistics of this article. We are wired, not tired.

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