Video Tributes

A video tribute makes the perfect professional presentation and an excellent personal keepsake gift!


Birthdays, Family Videos, Anniversaries, New Baby, Beloved Pets - any occasion, any reason. We've created hundreds and hundreds of videos and each one is custom designed.

We enhance your video with personalized backgrounds and messages/titles of your choice. We'll also add a few dashes of movie magic to ensure a completely unique video that is treasured forever. 

You select the song and photos (.jpg only) to use in your video and we put it together.


Digitally delivered via email, ensuring we all avoid COVID-19 in the process! You download the file to your computer - and share the link with loved ones. Everyone can have a copy! They make a cost effective keepsake for the entire family and you can post it online if you choose.

CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS: Put together a video that includes every family member - they'd love it! What song best defines your family? 

Celebrate Your Kids!

(Grandparents LOVE these videos)

Celebrate LOVE!

A video tribute should capture the essence of the person it was created to honour - and honoring our loved ones is what we do - and we do it with all our heart. Celebrate the life of your loved one with a memorial slideshow or Celebration of Life video. 

During this extremely difficult time, we are honoured to be providing videos to families who cannot gather to mourn a loss. Tribute videos are a wonderful way to share the story of a life well lived with everyone. Our condolences to those missing loved ones.

'In Memory' Tributes

Celebrating Blaine Granger

'Remembering Norm'

Beloved Pets - In Memory