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November 6th, 2019

Delivered to mailboxes in: Gypsumville, St. Martin, Fairford, Hilbre, Grahamdale, Steep Rock,  Faulkner, Moosehorn, Ashern, Eriksdale, Vogar, Mulvihill, Lundar, Oak  Point, Oakview, St. Laurent, Eddystone, Ste. Rose, Fisher Branch & Broad Valley.

A special hello to all of our International readers!

How to Place An Ad

Select Your Ad Size - Single Ad, Triple Ad, Full Page, etc. If you do not know the size, we will create your ad and email a quote with appropriate sizing.


Make Your Payment Online - Email money transfer:

Email Your Ad to - Submit photos and information in PDF format only.

We will confirm your payment and ad submission via email.

We go to mailboxes WEEKLY on WEDNESDAYS.
Deadline for the next weeks edition is FRIDAYS at 12 NOON. We confirm all ad submissions via email.
A preview of your ad will be emailed to you between Friday and Sunday.

Approve your ad or make minor changes - and then we go to print! 
We print MONDAYS - Forgot to Approve? No worries, we still print.


Still have questions? Email Us.

Prices Includes GST & Set Up of Your Ad We know, right? That's a great deal!

Sizes are listed in WIDTH X HEIGHT.

Ad Sizes & Prices

Half Ad - 2.6" X 1" = $25
Single - 2.6" X 2" = $38.50
Single & Half - 2.6" X 3" = $55

Double - 2.6" X 4" = $71.50

Double & Half - 2.6" X 5" = $93.50

Triple Ad - 2.6" X 6" = $110

Triple & Half - 2.6" X 7" = $136.50


Quad Ad - 5.2" X 4" = $148.50
Tall Quad - 5.2" X 5" = $170.50
XTall Quad - 5.2" X 6" = $198.00

Half Page Ad - 8" X 5" = $236.50

Full Page Ad - 8" X 10" = $302.50

Centre Spread - 11" X 17" = $550

Dbl Center Spread - 11" X 17" = $1000


Need a CLASSIFIED AD? Advertise for +$5.25 (inc. GST) - Select your category: 

Limit of 100 characters - No Fundraisers or web addresses. These listings also posted in our Facebook Groups.

Church Services                Meetings                 Upcoming Events (must be FREE to attend)

Yard Sales                          Lost & Found          Senior's Events (must be FREE to attend)

Additions & Accompaniments

Add ONLINE ad placement for +$10.50 (includes GST)Your ad appears on our website and on Facebook. Print ad purchase required.


Want ONLINE ad placement ONLY (no print)? - $50 per week - Your ad appears on our website and on our Facebook places. No print ad included.

Want ONLINE VIDEO ad ONLY? - $100  - Our video host creates your business or fundraiser a share friendly video to show off your event or cause. Your video appears on our website, our Facebook places and is seen and shared far and wide. You get a copy to host on your social media pages! Approx. 1-2 minutes.

Poster Design & Print

Need a professionally built, eye-catching poster for your upcoming event? 

8x11 or 11x17

Colour or Black & White

Contact Us:

Mailing Address: Box 178,

Ashern, Manitoba, R0C 0E0

We are located at Unit B - #61 Main Street

in the TBJ Mall - Ashern, MB.

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